Diverse Kinds of Real Estate Available In Boulder, CO

If you are looking for a place to buy property and settle down in Colorado, you should seriously consider real estate in Boulder.  It combines the great outdoors in the Rocky Mountains with the vibrant and lively atmosphere of a major university town.  Almost 100,000 people live here and real estate is a major investment opportunity and because of its proximity (30 miles) to Denver, you are likely to get better returns than investment in its more popular and populated neighbor.

Homes are available in Boulder in every style, size and price range that you can think of.  These include modern condos and townhouses, ranch properties, golf course properties, affordable single-family homes as well as expensive luxury houses.  You can choose between historic properties, new construction and foreclosure properties.  The median price for homes in Boulder is around $590,000 while the median prices for foreclosed property will be around $345,000.  The average price of a single family home is around $400,000, but there are homes that are available ranging from the low $100,000 to millions of dollars.  Houses are on the market for 60 days to 90 days before they sell and sellers get 95% or more of their asking price because the pricing is fair.

You can check out houses and pricing on the Internet but keep in mind, as in many other cities, location in Boulder often determines its prices.  For instance, houses near University Hill and Pearl Street often cost more than homes in East Boulder.  You should also keep in mind that South and East Boulder are favored locations families looking for affordable housing and there are luxurious homes being built in North Boulder that are cheaper than smaller properties that you can find in other locations in the city.

The real estate market for Boulder luxury homes continues to improve dramatically and sales of luxury homes in this area lead the entire luxury market in Denver/Boulder.  In 2011, 141 luxury homes were sold which is around 4% of the market and many existing houses with a price of $1 million or more have been remodeled to fit the luxury category.  In April 2012, sales have increased by 18% over April of the previous year compared to 14% increase in sales of single-family homes.  The market should become more balanced between demand and supply as the inventory overhang starts to reduce.  The effect of short sales and foreclosed property on prices generally should start to wear off.

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